The Big One

Well, we’ve finally done it. The Big One. The change that has made our 2 bed 2000sq ft house into a 4 double bed 2000sq ft house. And really it was very simple. Just a small 3m x 3m extension to the side of the house. Under permitted development, no impact on neighbouring houses, little impact on our day to day living during the works, done and dusted in 3 short weeks, on time and within budget. If only every development could be as simple!

This was the plan we draw up when we saw Timbertops advertised for sale on Rightmove about 3 years ago. The property that couldn’t sell. The change that the previous owners, viewers and agents couldn’t see. The change that has rocketed this house from 2 bedrooms to 4; that has rocketed the value, the flexibility, the flow and practicality of being here. The change that’s made it all worthwhile.

Sitting here now the house feels big. Really BIG. And it’s the first time since we moved in that we can use every space to it’s full potential. Happy? Bloomin’ delighted!

Tip: In terms of property with potential, I would say look for the property that has a quirk, a problem, a poor internal layout or a piece on unused land. If you can’t see it, ask for professional advise. This change was very obvious to us (although we have the benefit of both in the building industry) but many people couldn’t visualise it. In-fact thought we were nuts probably! But think outside the box and there’s usually a solution.

Find: In this instance it wasn’t so much a product find but an excellent builder. The speed and efficiency of a building contractor can make the difference between a profitable project or not. Time is money and the more organised a team are on site, the quicker it’ll be completed saving everyone time and money. Please feel free to contact me on [email protected] if you need any help or advise.